Company Group structure and history

Group Structure

CS MEDICA fully owns two Denmark-based subsidiaries: Galaxa Pharma A/S and CanNordic A/S, whereby CanNordic A/S is a registered Medical Device product developer and Galaxapharma A/S is a product distributor in the Nordic Region.

Thanks to such group structure, we, CS MEDICA, have a high level of control over our value chain. Ownership of both product and market related activities is especially important for us, as it allows us to ensure conformity to regulations, quality control and optimal usage of resources.

On top of that, Galaxa Pharma A/S acts as a distributor of other cosmeceuticals and natural cosmetics in the Nordic region, which provides an additional source of revenues, allows for resource optimization, and stimulates growth.

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About CanNordic A/S
CanNordic A/S, based in Copenhagen Denmark, is an innovative and independent pharmaceutical manufacturer of medical products with cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

Medical Innovation
Specialized in creating medical products, innovative treatment solutions, and skincare products with natural Cannabidiol (CBD).


Vision Statement
Our vision is to become the worlds most trusted manufacturer of medical devices. Our foundation in researched and development is medical devices and cosmetics containing cannaboid ingredients. We want to strengthen the patients benefits through the combination effects of systematic treatment when using our OTC product’s.

Mission Statement
Through innovative research and by understanding the biology ofthe human body’s endocannabionoidwe will educate health care professionalsand society about the potential in using and combine products to help patients with safetreatments for their disease.

About Galaxa Pharma A/S
Galaxa Pharma is a Danish pharmaceutical supplier operating within Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device and Cosmetics.

Our Products
In collaboration with our international partners, we seek to identify and introduce new innovative products.

Vision Statement
Galaxa Pharma’s vision is to simplify the process of getting the right access to the Nordic pharmaceutical retail and e-tail market for manufactures and suppliers of unique high quality OTC and cosmetic products.

Mission Statement
As independent expert in the Nordic pharmaceutical market we can help our clients with access to the right sales channels We do this by knowing the right stakeholders, having an efficient organisation that knows the market regulations and having the experience in connecting the right channels with the right products to signing reliable agreements.


Company history


  • The CS MEDICA (holding company) and Galaxa Pharma (fully-owned subsidiary) were founded.


  • Initiation of research on the therapeutic properties of cannabis within treatment and care.
  • Galaxa Pharma signs distributor agreement with Labo International S.R.L, representing their hair loss treatment product, CRESCINA in Denmark.


  • R&D phase I: studies on the biology and chemistry behind cannabis and the endocannabinoid system
  • CRESCINA is sold to the largest sales channels in Denmark, Matas Operations A/S (“Matas”) and the two pharmacy wholesalers, Nomeco and TMJ..
  • Market launch of CRESCINA online at Matas and all online pharmacy e-commerce platforms.


  • R&D phase II: studies on and evaluation process of ancient CBD-based formulas used by Mexican healers for generations. Run together with Los Angeles based manufacturer of cannabinoid products.
  • Commencement of collaboration with Dr. Andersson and Dr. Duguine from Instituto Neurológico Buenos Aires in Argentina.
  • Commencement of collaboration with other early experts in CBD usage in medical devices, and food supplements, such as Dr. Suresh, from India and Dr. Dauer from Germany.
  • Matas takes CRESCINA on the shelf at 263 shops in Denmark.
  • Galaxa Pharma establishes a distributor agreement with OCEANIC S.A., Poland, representing their cosmetic lines LIFT4SKIN and LONG4LASHES.


  • R&D phase III: Investigation and evaluation of different combinations of cannabinoids and other active ingredients.
  • Market launch of OCEANIC’s LONG4LASHES and LIFT4SKIN for online sales at Matas and other e-commerce platforms.


  • R&D phase IV: design and development of the formulas of CANNASEN® Psoriasis and Arthritis gels.
  • Preclinical tests


  • Launch of CS medica’s own web-shop (
  • R&D phase V: Clinical, biological and risk evaluations of CANNASEN® Psoriasis and Arthritis gel.
  • Submission of patent applications regarding CANNASEN® Psoriasis and Arthritis gels.


  • Registration of CanNordic a/s as a medical device manufacturer.
  • Meeting with China Polypeptide Industrial Group, Ltd. (CPG), coordinated by the Foreign Ministry. Negotiation of cooperation agreement in Asia and Canada. CPG is, with its 3600 employees and a turnover of mDKK 1,147, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China, and crucial for our roll out in Asia. The collaboration is based on the introduction of CANNASEN® Psoriasis gel in combination with CPG’s food supplement. CPG has high expectations for the collaboration but, as the company is located in Wuhan, all science personnel have been taken off duty for the development of COVID-19 vaccine. The agreed testing was scheduled for March 2020, but has been put on hold until further notice.
  • Establishment of CanNordic A/S, a 100% owned subsidiary of CS medica.
  • During the initial stages of COVID-19 pandemic available production capacity was used to enter Denmark-hjælper-Denmark. This meant rapid production and provision of products with COVID-19 protective agents and launch of CANNASEN® Disinfection Gel, CANNASEN® Surface Disinfection Spray, and CANNASEN® Antibacterial Hand Cream. The COVID-19 market stagnation delayed launch of other CANNASEN® products.
  • R&D: Design, development, and preclinical tests of CANNASEN® pain relief patch, wound healing gel, nasal spray, hair serum, psoriasis lotion and food supplements.
  • Trademark CANNASEN was secured globally in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand and USA.
  • Finalized distributor agreements with Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria.
  • Patented filed for CANNASEN® Psoriasis gel combined with food supplement and CANNASEN® Arthritis gel combined with a food supplement.
  • Galaxa Pharma: Conversion of subordinated loan capital totaling DKK 2.3 million to shares.


  • Market launch of CANNASEN® Psoriasis Gel & CANNASEN Arthritis Gel in October-November 2020.
  • Matas Group brings CANNASEN® on the shelf across 183 Matas stores in Denmark.
  • Patents filled CANNASEN® Nasal Spray night, Protective Nasal Gel, Wound Gel and Pain Patch.
  • Market launch of CANNASEN® NASAL SPRAY NIGHT. Protective nasal gel, Wound gel, Pain patch, Anti-Hair loss Serum, Psor lotion.
  • Galaxa Pharma signs distributor agreement with Aqua Biotechnology ASA, Sweden, representing their MOANA Skincare line in Denmark.
  • Galaxa Pharma signs distributor agreement with Krayna, Poland, representing their KRAYNA Skincare line in the Nordic Countries.
  • E-commerce platform introduction in Germany and Denmark.
  • Introduction of Amazon sales channel in Germany.
  • Market launch of CANNASEN® pain relief patch, wound healing gel, nasal spray, hair serum, and food supplement.
  • Finalization of distribution and sales agreements with Swedish pharmacy groups.
  • Finalization of distributor agreements in France, Spain and Germany.
  • Repurchase of shares in Galaxa Pharma Aps corresponding to a total of DKK 2.3 million.
  • Galaxa Pharma: Conversion of loan capital totaling DKK 2.8 million to shares offset in IPO.
  • Increase of capital in Galaxa Pharma ApS to DKK 0.5 million followed by conversion to A/S
  • Increase of capital in CS MEDICA ApS to DKK 0.52 million followed by conversion to A/S
  • Transfer of distributor activities from Galaxa Pharma to Cannordic, followed by exchange of names to keep the GMP registration, sale and production of CANNASEN® in CanNordic, and distributor sales in Galaxa Pharma.
  • Establishment of professional board and advisory board in all 3 companies