What we do

What we do

Our operations are divided between our two fully owned subsidiaries: CanNordic A/S: a registered Medical Device product developer and Galaxa Pharma A/S, product distributor in the Nordic region. Outside the region of the Nordic countries, our sales run through export resellers with extensive experience in global rollout within the MedTech distribution network and several collaborations with local distributors with established sales channels including pharmacies and drugstores. We believe that the use of local distributors can ease barriers for entry, ensure rapid growth and a high level of market penetration.

Our development and production strategies are safe, ethic and sustainable

  • We follow sound scientific principles.
  • We strive to make our production and products sustainable
  • We strive to reduce our footprint on the Earth
  • We follow every quality principle and ensure quality safe products
  • We strive to produce products with no harm to the human body and environment
  • We follow human rights and do not use any child labor in any of our process and expect the same from our partners

CS MEDICA is the only company in the world that developed and registered an OTC Medical Device containing cannabinoids.

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