What we do

What we do

CS MEDICA is a Danish-based MedTech combining science and nature with the purpose of creating products for a better every day. By using modern technology to research and utilize different compounds found in the cannabis plant, we create world-changing products that offer efficient, safe treatment of autoimmune and stress-related disorders.

We research, develop, manufacture, commercialize and build brands to strengthen treatment options using the therapeutic value of cannabinoids and we are currently in the market with a product portfolio, featured under the trademark CANNASEN®. Covering product categories of Pain, Skin, Hair, Protect, and Night, we offer relief and treatment for Psoriasis, Arthritis, Pain, Wound, Protection (allergy and anti-virus), Hair loss, and Sleeping disorders.

Our OTC portfolio surpasses competitive products as we are selling CE registered medical devices with cannabidiol under medical device regislations in Europe. Thereby we revolutionize both the cannabis and medical industry, bringing innovative products and technology to the market while improving people’s lives with products that make a difference.

Commercial operations

During 2021/22, we consolidated and reorganized our commercial operations through a new structure consisting of our group company and 3 divisions: 

CS MEDICA A/S – Research and development
CS MEDICA aims to be a trusted MedTech company, and our vision is to improve people’s quality of life by merging innovation, science, and nature within healthcare. R&D, therefore, plays a crucial role in the company’s activities, both in securing effective, safe treatment options for autoimmune diseases and stress-related disorders, but also in exploring new innovative compounds of the cannabis plant and its potential life-improving capabilities. 

CS MEDICA A/S is our innovative and science-based business unit. 

CANNORDIC A/S – Manufacturing
CANNORDIC is our manufacturing organization with development of global business contracts, supply of CBD ingredients and production of finished products.

GALAXA PHARMA A/S – Commercializing and brand building
GALAXA PHARMA is our distribution operation for marketing and sales direct-to-consumer, to retailers, and e-commerce.

Overall portfolio

Product portfolio

Our MedTech business includes the following therapeutic areas and key products available or in late clinical trial phase in each category. All registered products have been launched before the 26th of May 2021 before the change of legislation from MDD to MDR.


Psoriasis Gel – immediately stops the itch and reduces the redness and scaling. 

PSOR+ATOPIC lotion – moisturizes and softens the skin. 

Wound Gel – gives the optimal wound healing environment and reduces the healing time. 

Vet gel (1 products) in development

Pain Patch – long-lasting pain relief – local treatment. 

Arthritis Gel – immediate cooling effect and pain relief. 

Sport gel (2 products) in development

Vet gel (2 products) in development


Protective Nasal Gel – protects against environmental antigens.

Nasal Spray Night – improves breathing and sleep quality. 

Infect Protect Lozenges (COVID-19 protection) in production


Anti-Hair Loss serum – increases hair density, thickness and reduces hair loss. 

Anti-Bacterial hand cream.

Anti-Hair Loss shampoo & mask (2 products) in production