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Portfolio: Medical Device PSORIASIS GEL Psoriasis gel is a gel with Dead Sea salt which relieves and supports eternal treatment of psoriasis. Read more ARTHRITIS GEL The gel is a preparation with an alcohol / water mixture, which reduces the painful condition that occur in theumatiod athritis. Read more PROTECTIVE NASAL GEL The Protective Nasal … Continue reading Portfolio: Medical Device
Portfolio: Cosmetics ANTI HAIRLOSS SERUM CANNASEN® Anti- hair loss serum that increases hair density by up to 36% and hair thickness by up to 14%. . Read More PSOR + Atopic Lotion PSOR LOTION is an emollient developed for, and tested in, patients suffering from psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.   . Read More

CS Medica and our product philosophy

+150 million people suffers daily from Psoriasis
+500 million people suffer daily of Arthritis
+250 million - in China alome suffer from hair loss

Altogether, reaching a portfolio of 9 finished products on the market (6 medical devices and 3 cosmetics products). All science-backed, topical or intranasal.

Six MD-based treatment products – the current Psoriasis gel, Arthritis gel , Pain patch, Wound gel, Nasal Spray Night, and Protective Nasal gel.

Completed MD product introductions with ongoing sales:

  • Psoriasis gel.
  • Arthritis gel.
  • Nasal Spray Night.
  • Protective Nasal gel.
  • Wound gel.
  • Pain patch.

Three cosmetic products – the current Anti-Hair Loss Serum, Anti-Bacterial hand cream and Psor + Atopic Lotion with two in production (Anti-Hair Loss Mask & Shampoo).

Completed product introductions with ongoing sales:

Anti-Hair Loss Serum
Anti-Bacterial hand cream
Psor + Atopic Lotion


For our future pipeline, we have revised and will:

  • Leverage our portfolio to drive greater market exposure.
  • Push forward NPDs with shorter legislation windows, for faster G2M and revenue.
  • Create line extensions for additional categories and segments, with the same formula (i.e., the medical device product Arthritis gel moves to a cosmetic Sport gel, under the same patent, and clinical trials but under different legal registrations and target group).
  • The VET product line is moved forward due to a high customer request from different regions. It will additionally provide a faster G2M and revenue with low investment, as the products are already on the market. Hence, the product line will only need new packaging and clinical test for the new segment. All marketing will be through distributors or professionals.
  • Aim to cover all delivery methods for Cannabinoids (topical, nasal, inhalation), hence target inhalation under Medicine long-term.
  • Postpone the food supplement line.