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CS Medica and our product philosophy

+150 million people suffers daily from Psoriasis
+500 million people suffer daily of Arthritis
+250 million - in China alome suffer from hair loss

Altogether, CS MEDICA currently focuses on a total of 20 products:

Six MD-based treatment products – the current Psoriasis and Arthritis Gel together with products introduced after H1 2020/2021; pain patches, wound care, Nasal Spray Night, and protective nasal gel.


Completed MD product introductions with ongoing sales:

  1. Psoriasis Gel.
  2. Arthritis Gel.
  3. Nasal Spray Night.
  4. Protective nasal gel.
  5. Wound gel.
  6. Pain patch.

Seven cosmetic CBD products – the current Anti-Hair Loss Serum and Psor Lotion with six pending products within the skincare line.


Completed cosmetic CBD product introductions with ongoing sales:

  1. Anti- Hair Loss serum.


Remaining cosmetic CBD product introductions:

  1. Psoriasis lotion.
  2. Repair and calm body milk.
  3. Deep clean and calm facial cleanser.
  4. Deep moisturizing cream.
  5. Recovery and calm cream.
  6. Repair lip balm.

Four pending products within food supplements (without CBD); arthritis-, psoriasis-, hair loss – and immune booster capsules.


Pending food supplements products:

  1. Hair regrowth capsules
  2. Psoriasis capsules
  3. Arthritis capsules
  4. Immune booster capsules


Three (four in total, with the previously counted Protective nasal gel) current; hand disinfection (without CBD – only in DK), surface disinfection (without CBD – only in DK), antibacterial hand cream (without CBD), and a protective nasal gel.


Completed COVID-19 protective product introductions with ongoing sales:

  1. Hand disinfection (without CBD – only in DK)
  2. Surface disinfection (without CBD – only in DK)
  3. Antibacterial hand cream (without CBD)

In total currently, eleven products are introduced with ongoing sales and nine of the 20 products are pending – being in the later stage of being launched on the European market during the period H1 2021/2022 and H1 2022/2023.

Near future

In 2022/2023, the Company expects to extend the current product line with product lines within;

  • Animal treatment.
  • CBD inhaler treatment (under the pharmaceutical legislation as medicine).