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CS MEDICA A/S Achieves Milestone with Patent on Nasal Night Spray

CS MEDICA proudly announces the issue of a patent on its “Nasal Night Spray” which provides relief to congestion during the night.

CS MEDICA A/S (“CS MEDICA” or “The Company”), an innovator in the healthcare industry specializing in cannabidiol (CBD) and pain management, proudly announces a significant achievement in its ongoing commitment to revolutionizing categories related to its targeting symptoms of autoimmune diseases and stress-related disorders, in this case, Nasal Care & Insomnia.

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Nasal Night Spray MD

The Company received its first issued patent in Denmark (DK 181329) on Nasal Night Spray, from the esteemed Danish Patent and Trademark Office, validating the uniqueness and originality of the product.  Developing new medical treatments takes up to a decade, costing from millions to $1 billion or more. Patents enable early disclosure of inventions and grant a 20-year exclusive commercial right. They’re crucial for recouping investments and ensuring life-saving medical treatments reach those in need.

This breakthrough patent represents a major milestone for CS MEDICA and endorses the pioneering work of its dedicated team of researchers and scientists. “Nasal Night Spray” is a groundbreaking solution designed to provide relief and enhance the well-being of individuals experiencing nighttime nasal congestion and insomnia. Nasal Night Spray is based on the cannabinoids CBD and CBN, read more about the product here.

“I’m very proud to confirm that the first member of our portfolio[1] comprising 7 different patent families is granted. Even though I have a long track record in the pharma industry, it is different and exciting when it is your own ‘hero’ that is considered patentable” states inventor Lone Henriksen, CEO and co-founder, CS MEDICA A/S.

Lone Henriksen continues, “The Nasal Night Spray patent and pending patent applications represent a significant competitive advantage for CS MEDICA, solidifying the Company’s position as a challenger and innovator in the field of nasal healthcare solutions. This recognition further strengthens the Company’s intellectual property portfolio and growth plans, but particularly the ambition to innovate the healthcare industry”.

The background of the patent
Nasal congestion can be a distressing and disruptive condition that affects countless individuals worldwide. CS MEDICA’s innovative Nasal Night Spray offers a new approach to alleviating this issue, providing much-needed relief during the night when symptoms often worsen. With this patent, CS MEDICA is embarked on transforming the landscape of nasal care and significantly enhancing the quality of life for individuals experiencing nasal congestion and insomnia. By obtaining this patent, the Company has fortified its position as an innovator in the field of nasal care and further solidified its dedication to improving the well-being of patients globally.

CS MEDICA remains committed to ongoing research and development, aiming to expand the range of effective solutions available to individuals suffering from nasal and insomnia conditions, and other autoimmune disease symptoms with its additional patents pending[1] .

[1] Find more information about CS MEDICA’s patent portfolio here.


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CS MEDICA A/S is a Danish-based MedTech company operating globally within research, development, manufacturing, commercializing, and a part of the pharmaceutical industry. The company combines science and nature with the purpose of creating products for a better every day by using modern technology to research and utilize different compounds found in the cannabis plant. CS MEDICA offers efficient, safe OTC alternative treatments with CBD for autoimmune and stress-related disorders under the trademark CANNASEN® or own-label options.

The company is listed on Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm (symbol: “CSMED”). For more information, visit cs-medica.com, and LinkedIn.