23 02 03 correction

CS MEDICA A/S issues additional information to the press release that was sent out at 16:52 CET January 18, 2022. The additional information relates to the terms of the loan.

CS MEDICA received in January 2023 a loan from the two founder’s parent of 3,5 million DKK.  The previous announcement of January the 18th 2023 lacked information about the terms of the loan of 3,5 MDKK

CS MEDICA received in January 2023, a loan of 3,5 MDKK, from Nina Henriksen, the mother of the two founders, CEO Lone Henriksen and CFO Gitte Lund Henriksen. The interest rate is 4% p.a. and the duration period from January 2023 until December 31, 2024.

For more information about CS MEDICA, please contact:
Lone Henriksen, CEO
Phone: + (45) 71 20 30 47
Email: lh@cs-medica.com
Website: https://www.cs-medica.com/

CS MEDICA A/S is a Danish-based MedTech combining science and nature with the purpose of creating products for a better every day. By using modern technology to research and utilize different compounds found in the cannabis plant, we create world-changing products that offer efficient, safe treatment of autoimmune and stress-related disorders. We research, develop, manufacture, commercialize and build brands to strengthen treatment options using the therapeutic value of cannabinoids and we are currently in the market with a product portfolio, featured under the trademark CANNASEN®. Covering product categories of Pain, Skin, Hair, Protect, and Night, we offer relief and treatment for Psoriasis, Arthritis, Pain, Wound, Protection (allergy and anti-virus), Hair loss, and Sleeping disorders.

Our OTC portfolio surpasses competitive products as we are selling CE-registered medical devices with cannabidiol under medical device regulations in Europe. Thereby we revolutionize both the cannabis and medical industry, bringing innovative products and technology to the market while improving people’s lives with products that make a difference.

The company is listed on Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm (symbol: “CSMED”). For more information about CS MEDICA cs-medica.com.