Research & Development

R&D is essential to deliver on our purpose of creating world-changing products for a better every day. 

CS MEDICA combines research, technology, and nature within healthcare to revolutionize with the most innovative products and technology within the cannabis and medical industries.

Pioneers of scientific breakthroughs

CS MEDICA has pioneered scientific breakthroughs within cannabinoid medical treatments for autoimmune diseases and stress-related disorders. To ensure that we deliver value to society, R&D continuously pursues even higher levels of innovation across more therapy areas and technology platforms and with more patients and partners. In 2016, we found untapped potential in substances contained in Cannabis sativa L. that were not exploited in the treatment sector. A big part of the neglected potential was caused by a lack of confidence in the existing CBD products’ effectiveness and safety. However, through extensive research leading to greater knowledge on the differences between CBD (cannabidiol), THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and other cannabinoids, the demand for products containing the substance and their respective prosperities has increased dramatically over the last years.

Discovering new potential

The discovery and development of our medical device products are time-consuming, expensive in clinical trials, and dependent on the latest regulatory changes. To compensate for the long time to market, our R&D strives to advance our existing products by discovering potential new segments, indications, and reformulations into cosmetics, still science-backed and safe.

Our R&D strategy

  • Will deliver a pipeline of innovative medical devices with cannabidiol to help bring change and relief to patients’ lives worldwide with the therapeutic values of cannabinoids.
  • Will source the best ingredients and partnerships for safe, efficient, and accessible results for those that need a better every day
  • Will advance our capabilities to position us for long-term R&D and trusted CBD leadership

While a considerable amount of our R&D is internal, we strive for know-how and innovative technologies developed by others to integrate into our discovery and development processes or products. We collaborate with universities, companies, and other partners, allowing us to share knowledge, and optimize operations.

Current results

To ensure future success, CS MEDICA developed a cannabinoid therapeutic strategy and continuously invests in new and ground-breaking technologies. Today, CS MEDICA has technology platforms that cover several core areas that are important for driving innovation across the target diseases and facilitating the scale-up of the company. Since 2016, CS MEDICA has been using and refining these technologies and exploring the endocannabinoid system and the more than 140 currently known Phyto cannabinoids (from cannabis) to provide solutions for conditions in which those compounds offer treatment possibilities.

In 2022, we strengthened our R&D operations to improve R&D productivity, focusing on delivering value short-term as well as long-term. 

  • We modified the pipeline to prioritize launching products with shorter legislation windows for faster revenue streams. Additionally, we postponed products with heavier costs attached in development, ensuring an optimal capital allocation across the innovative R&D portfolio.
  • Our organization contains a team for clinical development and regulatory activities responsible for the clinical development strategy and operational execution of clinical trials as the MDR transition. In addition, the team provides technical expertise and service to R&D as to Marketing & Sales.
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