Who we are

We revolutionize the medical industry – naturally

CS MEDICA is a Danish-based MedTech combining science and nature with the purpose of creating products for a better every day. By using modern technology to research and utilize different compounds found in the cannabis plant, we create world-changing products that offer efficient and safe treatment of autoimmune and stress-related disorders.

Founded in 2016, we discovered an untapped potential for the use of cannabinoids in the healthcare treatment sector and in 2021, after extensive research and development, we launched medical device products across international markets, supplying people worldwide with an efficient, safe OTC alternative. As we continue to research, develop, manufacture, commercialize and build brands, we aim to revolutionize the medical and cannabis industries, with science and nature in our hearts.

We pursue growth – aggressively 

As an industry first mover and with a product portfolio registered as Medical Device Regulations, CS MEDICA holds a profound competitive advantage, potentially leaving the company alone in the market of medical treatment with cannabinoids for at least 3 years. Our OTC portfolio surpasses competitive products as we are selling registered medical devices with cannabidiol under the Medical Device Regulation. While having done extensive research and development, obtaining outstanding clinical trials, and placing more than 300.000 of our products in people’s hands during 2021/2022, we aim at a rapid global rollout of our unique formula through branded and own label products to maximize the company’s first-mover advantages, securing substantial market share within a short range of time.

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World-changing products for a better every day.


Improve people’s quality of life by merging innovation, science, and nature within healthcare.


At CS MEDICA, our mission is to bring change and relief to patients’ lives worldwide with the therapeutic values of cannabinoids. We have a scientific approach based on biochemistry and decades of experience within the global medical industry. We use modern technology to research different compounds found in the cannabis plant to prevent and fight autoimmune diseases and stress-related disorders effectively and safely. From science-based development to high-quality world-changing products and partnerships, we commit to improving people’s lives with products that make a difference. 

Value Propositioning

Science is in our nature. 

Balance and Recover. Relief and Confidence. Quality and Safety. Responsibility & Commitment.

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